Saturday, February 12, 2011

Februbeary 12, 2011

The Daily Word for Today is :::Inner Peace

Without my friend Monica, I would not be having INNER PEACE.
Monica came over and showed me how to set up my Blog and she could never have done this over the phone. It helped tremendously.

Yesterday I had a great day and then in the afternoon I went to the Post Falls Post Office. There behind the counter was Steve L. He is Polish and Italian. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. That's where I was born also, a few years earlier than Steve. We had a fun conversation and talked about his cousin Vinney. They made a movie named that some years back, but he said he actually does have a cousin Vinney. I had several valentines to send and all of them had chocolates in them. He hand stamped each envelope so that the chocolates did not get messed up. It cost all of .20 cents for that careful stamping. All along the Valentine's path they will be hand cancelled so it was.20 cents worth spending.
Have a good day. It is getting closer to Valentines day by the moment. It sure is windy today.
Hold on to your hat.

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